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^ Mostly love 5th and..." /><"htt p://lowwh88.tumblr.com/page/13" />

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Kitagawa Ryoha’s Ameba Blog 02/11/2014


( Ryoha ) ♪ It’s over♪

What’s the ingredient you need?
(Ryoha!) I want you to need me,
the slightly tsundere,
16 years old, Kitagawa Ryoha ♪♪


Request Hour is over!
I’m sorry that I didn’t update my blogs at all!!

When I’m focused on one thing,
I don’t have the “room” to spare on others. (゜o゜;;。

Anyway, I’m relieved that it is over.♪♪

These two days,
I get to perform a lot of songs.
I will write more about it later.

we were given the chance to perform the new song,
12 Gatsu no Kangaroo。。。!!


With Miyamae-san,
we were chosen to be Double Center.

I’m not sure what to write about it.

To everyone who has been very supportive,
I’m happy that I get to inform you all about it.

Frankly speaking I’m still anxious about it,
I haven’t had much of an appetite either.

Even though Ryoha is still like this,
Jurina-san and Rena-san,
along with other members,
have been supporting me until now.

Sae-san keeps telling that I’ll be fine,
and stays by my side all the time.

I have been supported by the members all th is time.

When I was on standby,
I was really anxious and burst into tears.
During the performance, the anxiety and the happiness,
along with the warm support from the fans, made it impossible to stop my tears.

Jurina-san and Rena-san have been entrusted the center position many times.
I think that is something amazing.
I have to train myself to be better, that’s what I think.

Such a great opportunity, I will grasp it,
to be able to contribute to SKE48,
I want a lot of people to accept me,
so that they think “I’m glad that it was Ryoha as the center.”

From now on,
I will brace myself even more, and move on.

Even if I’m still like this,
I will be really happy if you continue to support me..!


Tomorrow is the Handshake event!
If I don’t sleep early ♪ I won’t be able to wake up in time!

I will do my best!!

About Request Hour,
I will write more about it in blogs later.


Sae-san, who I love very much !♪

SKE48 Team S
Kitagawa Ryoha (*´っω・。`*)♪

Congratulations once again…on getting a center position ^_^

Miyamae Ami Official Blog 2014/11/03 00:09



Good evening.
Today it was Request Hour Day 2!!!!!
I have so much to write about.

Watching the last Omoide Ijou performance by Yukko-san,
I was so close to crying, but I clenched my teeth and held it back.
These two days went by so quickly, we didn’t get the chance to speak much.

I changed my clothes quickly,
“Me ga itai kurai hareta sora” rank no.3!!!!
For the first time, I got to sing a different part with Yuuna.

A lot of things happened, before I could sing it properly.
But I guess it is a good experience for myself.

I was chosen to be the center of SKE48’s 16th Single.
Double Center with Ryoha.
While we support each other,
it stimulates our growth too.
I always think about SKE48 first.

With the responsibility and the awareness,
I will work hard to make everyone recognize me.
I have made up my mind to carry SKE48.

“I will do my utmost, and work harder.”
That is all I can think of.
Please take care of me from now on!!!!

For those who came to the venue hall, and those at the theater.
Thanks for coming.

The Mushi no Ballad performed by Yukari-san was awesome. Congratulation on getting no.1.

Lately my tear glands…. LOL

Good night.

Congratulations once again…on getting a center position ^_^


Anonymous asked: Can you please add the URL for Tokai Walker x Tameshite SP x Matsui Rena x Speed Stacks so i can watch it on dailymotion? So i can also download it as well please.


242位 - キスはだめよ
241位 - オケラ
240位 - 毒リンゴを食べさせて
239位 - ジグソーパズル48
238位 - ご機嫌ななめなマーメイ 2489;
237位 - 恋のPLAN


100位 - あなたとクリスマスイブ
99位 - バンザイVenus
98位 - 1!2!3!4! ヨロシク!
97位 - シアターの女神 
95位 - コスモスの記憶
95位 - お待たせSetList

Another awesome vids done by 時田佳奈美

“ The trajectory of Team E after the first reformation.
For those who were expecting the release of Team KII documentary after Team S. You are wrong. We do things different here. We are going to release Team E documentary instead.
For those...


The trajectory of Team E after the first reformation.

For those who were expecting the release of Team KII documentary after Team S. You are wrong. We do things different here. We are going to release Team E documentary instead.
For those fans who have been following Team E since the first reformation until now, you may notice that Rena-hyon doesn’t appear on theater stage performance that often, but she does care a lot for Team E. Besides, every members in Team E have gained a lot and improved themselves too.

Find out more in this video, and don’t you dare to fast forward it, pay attention to every single details on it. :p

Wa tch on Dailymotion or download softsubs for this episode from our homepage here : http://myaidol.net/releases/the-trajectory-of-team-e-after-the-first-reformation/

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Translator: Hayate
Timer: Hayate
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